#18 Bruges

Have to see this.

1000 de locuri

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Datorită canalelor care-l străbat, orașul flamand Bruges este adeseori numit Veneția nordului. N-are însă aproape nimic în comun cu bijuteria italiană. Asta nu înseamnă totuși că este mai prejos; Bruges este, la fel ca Veneția, un oraș în care parcă timpul s-a oprit în loc. Împânzit de clădiri vechi, Bruges pare să fie adus la viață doar de miile de turiști ce pășesc pe caldarâmul  neschimbat, nici el, de secole.

Prima mențiune istorică a orașului belgian datează din secolul al IX-lea, dar adevărata dezvoltare a Bruges-ului a început trei veacuri mai târziu, odată cu înflorirea comerțului din Țările de Jos. Avantajat de poziția geografică, aproape de mare și la mică distanță de porturile englezești de dincolo de Canal, Bruges a fost inclus pe traseul comercial al Ligii Hanseatice și a devenit un mare centru al negoțului. Faptul că aici s-a deschis, la începutul…

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How do us Brits see the Romanian students.

Alexa Nash, you’re killing it!

Have Five!

How do us Brits see the Romanian students…..

1. WHY DO THEY STUDY SO HARD !!!!???? Seriously, all the Romanian students I know seem to love studying, makes us look bad, makes me feel bad…does it motivate me more, naah sadly it doesn’t. I think we are a bit spoilt.

2. Their English is better than mine: I’m not kidding, all the Romanian girls ( who I love dearly) have like the best grammar and punctuation, I’ve been studying the language my whole life and I f*** it up most of the time, but these beautiful goddesses walk around knowing a million languages and have the perfect grammar and punctuation to accompany it !

3. Current affairs: They know everything about everything and I know nothing about nothing…. They are a nation of going the extra mile and it does inspire me slightly…

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The time to make the life you want is NOW!

I am 22 years old, and I am deciding today to do the best job I can with how my life is going to be in the future. This is the defining decade, the time when we set ourselves for adulthood, the choices we make now will influence the rest of our life, so we might as well make it count because time and tide wait for no man(or woman)!

I am making my own destiny and you should too.

An idea worth spreading: http://on.ted.com/b0ZHj  Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20.

The feminine intuition

“When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.” ~ William Shakespeare

It is my belief that women have a unique power of intuition. We are more likely to realize it when someone is being deceitful or is hiding something, because we have a higher level of emotional intelligence than men.

This may not apply to all of us, but I think I am no exception. It is true that all people lie, but we should try to limit this habit as much as possible. I am not saying for us to be rude and harm people with our words, but you can still tell the truth (if you know how to tell it, in the end things go better) and, you know, the truth has a way of coming up to the surface, anyhow.

We live in a world with too many lies already.

The night I became blue

On this still warm November night I thought of way to let out my emotions so they will not have the power to consume me; I came up with what you will see here in the days, months and maybe years to come. I feel I must try to continue in my endeavor of exposing my emotions to the world, trying to find peace in knowing that life is beautiful no matter what bad moments it may entail.

Melancholy wanted to visit me tonight; it came unannounced and yet I sensed it coming. It brought with it the feeling of longing for my dear friends who are not besides me anymore, but have gone to live their lives in foreign lands. I hope to see them again soon and hope they are living the life they dreamed of.

“Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
~ Anais Nin